Touch Typing

I'm learning to touch type...

Trouble is, I have only done:

a s d f g h j k l ; e r t i o c n

So I can type something like

ine␣reasine␣lentill␣enes␣sleast␣sent␣ate␣ener␣sness␣ere␣nient␣ reetitinate␣ate␣tease␣ane␣liest␣trets␣snes␣ate␣ane␣ener␣atell

with relative ease at about 15 wpm, but it isn't very interesting.

And some uppercase. Uppercase is the worst, I lose track of the home row.

Why? Because I have pecked at the keyboard for years. Now I have a new HHKB Professional Hybrid Type S to replace my seven year old HHKB Pro I'd like to use it properly... Plus most of my work is at the terminal.

Two good sites I have found that keep me motivated:

I'm going to need a lot of practice to break some very bad habits.

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