We live in an information kleptocracy, especially online.

Corporations, businesses and whatever seem to have an almost pathological need to collect data about you and track you. They are unscrupulous about the methods they use.

Why should we worry?

But I've got nothing to hide!

Is not an unusual response.

This article from 2011 is worth a read Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have ‘Nothing to Hide’.

Likewise the Nothing to hide argument article on Wikipedia.

This site

I've tried to make this site free from data collection and tracking.

I use FOSS (Free & Open Source Software).

The backend is Ghost running on a self-hosted Linux server.

Commenting is provided by Commento and you can post anonymously if you like (I do moderate the comments).

The photographs are sourced from my galleries on a self hosted Piwigo server, a photo gallery platform. Likewise there is no tracking or social media stalking.

The contact form is facilitated by Formspree. I'm looking for an alternative. I'm not happy with their privacy policy or their use of Google's Captcha but haven't found an alternative yet.

There is no Twitter, Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn or any other social networking links so nothing is lurking in the code passively tracking you. Share by all means, but not through this site... Sorry.

There is no analytics or other tracking.

Ghost doesn't drop third party cookies.

Your privacy

I do not share anything you share with me.