GRrrrrr - no, not really

I've been using Ricoh GR cameras since 2001. I got my hands on the GR1v when it was released and never looked back. It was a 35mm film camera, specs here. And it was a jewel.

Since then I've used iterations of the GR as it went from film to digital - the original GRD with the sublime out of camera black & white jpeg (sadly mine was stolen by an airport baggage handler), a GRD 3 and I currently use the GR III. Like it's 35mm antecedent they (mostly) do everything right. Ricoh have kept the faith in a winning combination and transferred it from film to digital. Also in the bag is a modular Ricoh GXR, but that is another story.

Gorsey Bank

From a GRD3 around 2010

Copperas Street, Deptford, London, SE8 23/05/2010

I found these dolls lying like this in Copperas St, Deptford in May 2010 just behind the Laban Centre and before the crappy flats were built between Copperas St and Creek Road.

There were dozens of them dumped by the kerb (I have the photos). Very bizarre and not a little disturbing since some of them had makeup on. Copperas St was more like a dumping ground then though.