What I say…

Photographer, web monkey, flâneur, dog owner. Not necessarily in that order.
Knows what rebarbative means...

What others say :-)

"[Your] photography - Fab photos from someone who is hiding their light under a bushel methinks….very beautiful images, such a talent."
"I love your abandoned feel, really makes you think!"
"Hey, lovely pictures, mate…I think the flowers are a bit spooky!"
"Are you sure you don't speak swan? Looks like you asked them to pose!"
"Wow, that's beautiful. I love your colours - I know you're a black and white man, but I do love your colours."
"An absolutely beautiful photo, and the slobber and glass marks add to it, in my opinion"

the skinny voice

of the leatherfaced
woman with the crimson
nose and coquettishly
cocked bonnet

having ceased the

announces that as three
dimes seven nickels and ten
pennies have been deposited upon

the drum  there is need

of just twenty five cents
dear friends
to make it an even
dollar  whereupon

the Divine Average who was

attracted by the inspired
sister's howling moves
willanyone tell him why he should

blow two bits for the coming of Christ Jesus



by e.e. cummings – From Tulips and Chimneys, New York: Thomas Seltzer, 1923